Good And Evil vs. Victimization And Justification




“It’s like my dad always said,
sooner or later everyone gets shot.”

‘Moe The Bartender’, The Simpsons

“Non-violence means cooperation where possible,
but resistance when it is not.”

‘Lord Chamberlain’, Kundun (1997)

‘”No politics but ours, no religion but The State.” This is how it starts. This is how we move from democracy to totalitarianism, through the keyhole of Leftism.’
Fear The Seeds

“We do not seek to be the guardians at the gate.
But there is no one else.”

Lyndon B. Johnson


How Facism Becomes Justified Through Victimization


A Canadian politician, responding to a question about safety and war, recently said “women and children are the core of our species.” There are parallels between this statement and the way the NDP and Conservative parties view Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

Anthropologically it is men who have provided the physical security to the family unit in times of conflict. In the NDP mind-set this means men become the conflict, therefore no men equals no conflict, no men then means women and children become the core of our species. Carried on this means there would be no conflict in Afghanistan if there were no more soldiers. But, say the Conservatives, the NDP has no influence over the enemy’s soldiers so by pulling our soldiers out we leave the Afghan women and children defenceless against the enemy.

It has long been NDP policy that all soldiers are bad to the point where there should be no Canadian soldiers, only blue-beret unarmed observers who valiantly stand between two warring parties and take notes, or who stand between two exhausted opponents who are recharging. On the other hand the Conservatives believe soldiers and war can be a force for good, in which case Canadian soldiers should be in Afghanistan killing for a cause and fighting for Afghani’s who have nothing but want something more.

The very base of the problem is the NDP and The Left’s rejection of the concepts of good and evil. If there are no evil acts, just various degrees of victimization, then there is no good, just various degrees of justifications. Therefore, these believers contend, we can stop shooting back and simply send in teams of negotiators and grief counsellors because the Taliban are just misunderstood and fighting against the people who turned them into victims.

This makes sense because The Left rejected the concepts of “good and evil” when they rejected religion. What “big corporations” are to today’s Left, religion (opiate for the masses) was to The Left a hundred years ago. Religion, specifically Christianity, were the original Armies of Imperialism to “The Left” of the 19th century. The horror with which The American Left greeted evangelical voters who supported evangelical-ish politicians is a perfect example of how “The Left” still views religion today. Religious Leftism for these people is simply rebranded 1970’s socialism and Marxism-Lite, where a higher being holds no one responsible and all are forgiven not out of penitence but because there can be no sin except judgement, and only people who believe in good and evil judge.

These views can also be seen in Canada in the virulent attacks against the stereotypical “Western evangelical voters” who “elected” Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. These people, the NDP and their supporters say, are ignorant voters because they make political decisions based on whether they feel an issue is good or evil, right or wrong. These people are an anathema to “The Left” because to “The Left” it is these people who are responsible for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, these religious maniacs are also to blame for 9-11 (the chickens who came back to roost were bible fed), because it was these people who fought the Soviet Union by supporting bin Laden instead of understanding and respecting the will of the Soviet people, and it is these people who “unconditionally” support Israel’s right to exist.

The Left in Canada, America and Europe are now completely enthralled with the philosophy of Moral Relativism, which equates the Americans with the Soviet Union because the Americans want to build a fence to stop illegal immigration from Mexico and the Soviet Union built a wall to keep in millions of political prisoners. Or the Americans are as guilty as the Nazi’s because both had prison camps. Or a suicide bomber in a Khandhar market is justified in blowing up a marketplace because Canadian soldiers just cleared a village of Taliban fighters.

Women and children are not the core of our species. The core of our species is both male and female. Our species is capable of some pretty horrible shit, but we’re also quite capable of coming back from the edge of every abyss we find. We can sit around the fire listing all the reasons why Hitler went batshit insane: no one liked him; he was a crappy painter; the 1919 Paris Treaties; he had a huge hole in his brain, or the reasons why bin Laden got lost in his own ass: the 1919 Paris Treaties; the huge hole in his brain; his father hated him; whatever. But when The Left dropped religion, or when religion became something to be used only for unblinking and unjustified forgiveness, they lost the concept of freewill. People chose to send planes into the WTC, people chose to set Hutu against Tutsi, Idi Amin chose to eat people, Lenin chose to create the Gulags, Stalin chose to starve 20million Ukrainians to death, Mao chose to kill 45million Chinese in his grand leap forward, Castro chooses to jail political dissidents, Mugabe is choosing to starve his people, a bunch of British citizens chose to blow up 50 other Brits, a bunch of Canadian citizens chose to plan an attack on Parliament.

It is the philosophies of justification, victimization and undeserved forgiveness which have led us to war again and again. Freewill is about choosing one side or the other, freewill is all about Good and Evil. More importantly, understanding the concept of freewill means you understand the difference, it means understanding what is good and what is evil and that there will be consequences.




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