Self Portraits I Can Barely Tolerate 006

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I had no idea they made fitted dentist jackets. I don’t think, if I hadn’t seen them in person, the idea such a thing could exist would have ever occurred to me. Whoever came up with the concept must be thanked… so, dude who conceived of fitted dentist jackets, thank you.

Technical Stuff: As long as you’re not getting in the way I’ve found dentists and doctors will pretty much let you do anything. The nurses who take my blood actually pose their hands so I get their best side, my dentists are a little more shy but they’ve asked if I want them to take the shot… one of my hygienists actually did. This is my little pocket digital (Kodak C533) set on “landscape” and multiple exposures. I shot blind, and shot four sets of three at different angles… I have one set at a better angle, but it’s blurred out. The light in my mouth is awesome.

The name of the band is Gym Class Heroes, the song is 8th Period: It’s OK, But Just This Once! off their 2006 release, As Cruel As School Children. This was the third appointment in a row where they’ve said my teeth and gums are improving… which beats the crap out of the previous twelve appointments where I was lucky to leave with any teeth.


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I’ve lived in more than fifty places. I've been paid to pick stones out of fields, take backstage photos of Britney Spears, and report on Internet privacy issues. My photos have been published in several newspapers, and a couple of magazines.
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