CSN:AFU Week 22 In Review

William Shatner: Canadian

Common People” (feat. Joe Jackson, Ben Fold); ‘Has Been‘ (2004)


CSN:AFU Week Twenty-Two


A Negative Canadian? For Shame!

I was looking through my last few posts… and realized they’ve been pretty negative, or at least not fun — native people being mistreated, the politics of homosexuality, women’s continuing role of having no roles in movies — then I also managed to write, once here and once on The Other Blog, aboot throwing up twice. I really should have called it “de-fooding”. Then there were a couple of questions aboot Canada’s “underbelly” that required some explanations which could be seen as negative — apparently, in India, Canada is known as ‘Land of The Dead Hookers’. So next week it’s back to sex (the good kind), hockey and beavers.

I did manage to update my “Aboot” Page, now with twice the explanation of “Aboot“, and there’s an added photo feature to this page… just ’cause I like you so damn much.


The Lists:

Five Strangest Search Terms Used To Find CSN:AFU

5) ankle blog “wahm”
4) fuck humanity
3) Bizarre stabbing sense toilet youtube
2) wind power, commercial, manic depressive
1) age of consent in tonga

Honourable Mention: “Jacqui Smith Cleavage Watch”
BTW: This Weeks Jacqui Smith Cleavage Watch: 89 Two Week Total: 347


Top Five CSN:AFU Posts Since Last Friday:

1) CSN:AFU Monday’s Top Three News Stories — July 02/07
2) Six Canadian Movies You Need To See That Don’t Suck
— Part Four: Ginger Snaps
3) CSN:AFU Monday’s Top Three News Stories — July 09/07
4) Canada: Offering A Safe-Sex Environment Where Humanity Can Fuck Itself Back Together Again
5) Six Canadian Movies You Need To See That Don’t Suck
— Part Three: Heavy Metal

Honourable Mention: Canada: Where Abortion Is So Legal It’s Retroactive OR Why You Never Piss Off Your Canadian Mom


The Five Blogs I Visited Most This Week

1) Nita: A Wide Angle View Of India
2) Irregular Bones
3) Kamangir (Archer) (real news from inside Iran)
4) …What Was I Looking For?
5) 101 people who are screwing up Canada



This Week In General:

It has been a really, really quiet… week. I spent the first few days recovering from being ill, then the last few days recovering from my recovery. I’m pretty sure I’ve put the weight I lost back on, which is just a reminder that I really should lose it for good and stop jerking around. I don’t think I’ve walked more than a half-mile a day in a couple of months.

I wrote two pieces for my other blog that didn’t threaten anyone in my family, so that was probably a good week. Over Here I only wrote aboot news, which is more than I probably should have but a lot less than I wanted. I’ve got three pieces nearly completed so there should be a flurry of activity this week. Yay, flurries! I miss winter.

Oh, right, I almost forgot… I found my ‘Rocktober 2004’ copy of Maxim, the one with Avril Lavigne on the cover. So that was pretty cool.




This Weeks New Posts:

CSN:AFU Monday’s Top Three News Stories — July 09/07
In general last Monday was actually a really interesting news day… as most Monday’s actually are, which — if you were wondering — would be the reason I chose Monday’s to concentrate this little feature on. Yesterday’s News Tomorrow: The Surge; Convictions In 2005 Near-Bombings; IAEA Back Into North Korea; 13-Year Old Girl Convicted Of Murder; Two Charged In RCMP Killings; Fuck Off, The North Pole Is Ours, and; Minister Tells RCMP To Fuck Off.


Next Week:

A Movie, An Invention And Smiley Faces For Everyone

Maybe I’ll finally get that Global Warming thing done…


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I’ve lived in more than fifty places. I've been paid to pick stones out of fields, take backstage photos of Britney Spears, and report on Internet privacy issues. My photos have been published in several newspapers, and a couple of magazines.
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5 Responses to CSN:AFU Week 22 In Review

  1. aikaterine says:

    I love the Has Been cd, it is one of my dirty little secrets.

  2. Your search terms trump mine all to hell.

    1. whipit
    2. mario enemies
    3. bong

    Why aren’t more people searching for bongs? I should’ve had this appear long before now…

  3. feartheseeds says:

    It’s a curse of having no artistic talent, I’m stuck using words. Words, apparently, that can easily be confused with other, more disturbing words and word combinations. Today, for example, someone found this site using “WALRUS PENIS”, all caps are theirs… because if you’re going to look for walrus penis, you might as well scream aboot it.

  4. aikaterine says:

    “WALRUS PENIS”, I laughed so hard that I spilled my wine.

  5. feartheseeds says:

    I like “mario enemies”… it’s so non-specific, yet they seem to be looking for a list of names.

    Instead of just deleting them automatically I’ve also started keeping track of the weirdness that are blog-spam names. I’ve noticed a trend recently where they put the name of my site in the body of the post… like “culturalsnafu.wordpress is an excellent resource, it is very useful, you must be very proud”, then it goes on and on aboot porn and medications… I don’t know aboot those ones, I’m a little torn aboot deleting such a well thought out review of my site.

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