Susan Jephcott’s “Onà:ke, Canoes, etc.” show at the AGCC

Copyright ImageSusan Jephcott


Photos from Susan Jephcott‘s “Onà:ke, Canoes, etc.” show at Vankleek Hill’s Arbor Gallery & Cultural Centre

“The canoe is an international symbol of communication. It was invented before the wheel! The oldest canoe is currently in Holland, it’s 8,000 years old. The exhibit is all about canoes, communcation and transcends to man and his invasion of the Earth; destroying the planet.”

“I was asked to be part of this show, I believe it was called ‘150 Reasons to be Canadian’ [as part of the Canada 150 celebrations]. It grouped 150 local artists and was run by the Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC). I tend to react right away, so out of my head came the image of a canoe. Then I thought: ‘This isn’t really a celebration, it was an invasion of someone’s country and a lot of people died’.”

“I did a big red canoe representing the Europeans, because they turn red in the sun, and I had some semi-religious figures in the background. Underneath, I had a snaller purple canie that represented the ‘Haudenosaunee’, the local Iroquois…”

“That’s what got the ball rolling! Since last summer, I’ve been wrapped up in canoes!”

“I would like [people who see the exhibit] to have respect for the planet and encourage every person to try and make it a better place in their own little way. One person can’t do it all, but maybe all of us together can do it… improve the environment and relationships with any and all cultures.”

–Susan Jephcott, from an interview in ‘The Review‘; August 29, 2018.



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