Clint Eastwood


That’s the bookstore I used to to disappear into while waiting for my movie to start when I was living in Toronto. I think, in three years, I bought one book there… “Mockingbird” by Walter Tevis. It’s been my favourite book since high school. It’s an award winning novel, but for some reason it’s very rare. So when I found it in Toronto I was ecstatic… yes, it’s that good.

Technical Stuff: That’s not actually Clint. It’s a blog-friend of mine I hung out with for a day while I was in the city for my brothers wedding. The book thing was her idea, I also have one of her being Andy Warhol that’s not nearly as cool. It was fun having a willing subject for a few hours, I also have some great shots of her in front of the CN Tower and on an escalator… this was with the digital C533. I love the clarity of the background and the light on her jacket.

I think it was three or six months after I loaned Mockingbird out to someone when I remembered I had loaned my favourite book to someone and then forgotten who they were. Looking back I’m pretty sure it was to the exceptionally hot daughter of a really hot friend of mine. But you’d think I’d remember something like that. If anyone has a copy I’ll pay for shipping… and if you’re anyone’s hot daughter and interested in science fiction novels about the importance of a literate society I’ll totally pay for dinner*.

*Interest in science fiction is so not a prerequisite.


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5 Responses to Clint Eastwood

  1. thordora says:

    If that’s the store I’m thinking of, next to the kick ass Silver City downtown, I used to wander there too. Usually only bought at Seekers though.

  2. Gabriel says:

    It’s the one under the theatre with the four storey escalator which always freaks me out at about the second storey height… just behind MuchMusic. There’s a bar inside where you can get hammered before seeing the movie, but you can’t bring a drink into the theatre.

    That’s crazy, it’s one more place where we brushed past each other. I spent most of my time in the political science section and the Elmore Leonard area… and totally nowhere near the area featuring the Twilight saga.

  3. nursemyra says:

    I could send you a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird instead?


  4. Gabriel says:

    Also an excellent book… and you’re someone’s hot daughter, so dinner’s on me. If we leave now I think we can meet in Hawaii. Or Peru. Peru would be nice this time of year.

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