Little Victor Update | Little Victor turns eight months old plus we see another Angel

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I have to start writing this stuff down. I just had to call Diane because I can’t remember half the stuff we did last week… at least, I can’t remember half of last week.

We did have fun during the parts I can remember. Victor and I went for a few long walks together, he does love his little buggy.

We managed to arrange a visit with Victor and his great-grandfather on Thursday. My grandfather, Big Victor, isn’t quite strong enough yet after his heart attack to hold Little Victor, but the three of us hung out for forty minutes on my parents’ deck.

We mostly talked about the advancements Little Victor is making towards becoming a functioning human being. Little Victor can support his torso now, so when I carry him in one arm he can hold his head up and look around. And he does like looking around.

My grandfather and I are both impressed Little Victor can feed himself… Little Victor turns eight months old this week.

Diane told me Little Victor can now get on all fours — or eights, really. He can balance himself on his forearms, knees, lower legs and feet. He can even wobble forward a little.

My grandfather has already started hitting golf balls again, mostly just his 9-iron, and only behind his retirement home. But he has gone out to check on the renovations to the driving range in Vankleek Hill — all of which he really likes, except the lack of benches. And he did show up at the Hawkesbury course where he usually plays, and met up with some of the people he regularly plays with.

So he’s ready and willing to get back out there, he just has to wait a little longer for his body to catch up with his mind.

88-years old and he’s still playing two rounds a week.

Victor’s grandmother had her first gallery show in a long time. My mother is part of a photo exhibition at the Arbor Gallery in Vankleek Hill. Mom has ten photos in the show, the theme is cars.

So I brought Victor to the ‘vernissage’, or “wine & cheese day” on Saturday, and met some of mom’s friends from when she was working at the National Archives and Angelo, my step-father’s friend and partner at the architectural firm they work with.

Angelo sang Victor a song in Italian that he remembered from when he was a child, Victor was impressed with the hand clapping part.

The food Victor is eating now is basically a thicker version of everything he’s been eating for the past month — corn, strawberries, applesauce and pears. Plus, once, he ate Cheerio’s.

I think he would have eaten handfuls of leaves today (Monday) if I had given him a chance. When I’m carrying Victor around I like to let him touch different surfaces, he really seems to like the different textures. Today it was tree bark and leaves. Yesterday it was the spruce hedges in my parents backyard.

He likes to pull and violently shake on the branches… I’m not sure why. I tried it, but I don’t get it. Babies… really, they’re mostly stoned.


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    oooh I definitely want a copy of the bonus photo!


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