Short Cuts: Evangelicals Took Iraq So Atheists Want Afghanistan OR Look Who The Savage’s Are Now

The Box: Canadian

Crying Out Loud For Love”; ‘Closer Together‘ (1987)


Atheism Is Aboot Humiliation As Much As…

…hyper-Evangelicalism is aboot self-gratification. Not believing in God does not make you an Atheist, to be an Atheist you must have a philosophy of believing faith in any God is wrong.

People speak of “not knowing what we’re fighting for” in Afghanistan as if this were a game of Capture The Flag and the objective must be as visable as a flag on a stick on top of a hill. There are people looking into our societies and judging us based on women voting, our churches being separate from government, our multiculturalism and our lawns. And their judgement is we are weak, decadent and against their God. In the same way our society historically turned Native Peoples, Africans and Asians into dehumanized stereotypes so to have we been turned into inhuman beasts.

The Atheistic fantasy of protecting Afghans by removing United Nations authorized and NATO led troops from Afghanistan, then negotiating a settlement with people who see us with the same eyes our ancestors saw Native Peoples and pre-colonial Africans is as foolhardy, naïve and dangerous as the hyper-Evangelical four year hallucination that has been the American and British desire to build democracy in Iraq by using teams of public servants whose childlike innocence has been only slightly less ridiculous than their required credentials for deployment being a shared religious belief that abortion is murder and having all voted Republican.



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2 Responses to Short Cuts: Evangelicals Took Iraq So Atheists Want Afghanistan OR Look Who The Savage’s Are Now

  1. atheist says:

    The Bible!
    1. Martin Luther
    2. Immanuel Kant
    3. Friedrich Hegel
    4. Fichte
    5. Adolf Hitler
    6. Family Bush
    7. George W. Bush
    8. Barack Obama
    9. Iraq+Afghanistan+Iran
    10. AIPAC+Obama+Gaza+Evangelical Soldiers
    11. Military Bible
    12. Soldiers Bible
    13. Torah+War+Genocide+Racism+Hate
    14. Next War? Afghanistan!!!
    15. After: Iran!
    16. Obama+Adolf Hitler+The Bible!
    17. The Bible? Racism+Genocide+Education
    17. Jesus+Obama+Hitler+David=Psalm 144!


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