CSN:AFU Week 14 In Review

The Golden Dogs: Canadian

“Never Meant Any Harm“; ‘Big Eye Little Eye’ (2006)


CSN:AFU Week Fourteen


New Page:

Photo Evidence
Photos of “Friends, Family And Me…” it’s still a rough Beta Version, but I’ve decided I like the look and feel of this page since I woke up from the two days of sleep I was owed… kind of. I’ll be updating it regularly. Kind of.


New Posts:

Short Cuts: I Wanna Destroy, Possibly? OR Taking A Holiday In Cambodia
Activists have always warned aboot how humanity will be held accountable by The Children Of Tomorrow, but no generation ever holds the previous one to account. No one is ever held accountable, therefore everyone is both blamed and blameless. There must be consequences, we must start penalizing retroactively. We must start beating the elderly more often and with more gusto. Bats. We should all have bats.

“Short Cuts” are something I came up with to fill in space while I looked after my grandfather this past week, but I like them a lot so I’m going to try to have a couple of them a week.


Short Cuts: There Is No Blue Sky OR Why Justin Trudeau Only Comes Out In The Daytime
All of life’s illusions are concentrated during the daylight hours. There is no sky, it is an illusion of light refracting across our atmosphere. There is no blue sky. Thinking, believing, there is a blue sky is mankinds first religion. This could explain some of “Trudeaumania” (1969-2000)… and maybe even its recent parody “Trudeausuperfluous” (2007-2007).

I should have incorporated an explanation as to who the Trudeau’s are… basically, think of Pierre Trudeau (mania) as John Kennedy. Kind of. Pierre’s son has decided, now that he’s in his 30’s, that he too wants to be a politician (superfluous).


Canada: Crazy Americans Fear Canada… Twice OR Two $0.25 Stories In A $0.93 Newspaper
Two stories featured in Canadian news this week will create Urban Legends that are going to need to be explained away by our Grandchildren’s Grandchildren to their Grandchildren unless we stop them here and now:
1) Canada is not the worlds leader in Pirated Movies — camcorder or otherwise — the MPAA statistics ‘proving’ we are were first discredited three years ago and several times since.
2) the American Defence Department never believed the Canadian “Poppy Quarter” was a tracking device.


Short Cuts: Evangelicals Took Iraq So Atheists Want Afghanistan OR Look Who The Savage’s Are Now
In order to be considered for deployment to Iraq by the American State Department, as a civil servent responsible for the real democracy process, people were judged on their voting patterns and whether they believed abortion is murder. Just as ridiculous as the four year hallucination that has been the hyper-Evangelical American and British desire to build democracy in Iraq, is the Atheistic fantasy of protecting Afghans by removing United Nations authorized and NATO led troops from Afghanistan, then negotiating a settlement with people who see us with the same eyes our ancestors saw Native Peoples and pre-colonial Africans.


In General:

My week started with my mom and grandmother… telling me my grandfather had another stroke. He had, they told me, lost his ability to recognize numbers (which would be huge, him being an engineer) and was sleeping nearly all the time. So, based on how mom says “you should spend some time with him” I’m thinking the doctors have given him three weeks to live. The first couple of days I was thinking “man… he doesn’t seem that bad.” So Wednesday my grandfather and I went shopping for a bar-fridge, microwave and answering machine so he can upgrade his condo. He was converting millimetres into centimetres and then into inches, then into square feet faster than I could write the numbers down. Then we went out for lunch and he left exactly 20 percent as a tip. We spent the entire day talking aboot his engineering projects, some construction problems Montreal is having, his early days as a surveyer… he remembers his golf scores from last year for Christ’s sake… he played 63 games of golf last year, in 2005 he played 98, and he played his first game of this season yesterday.

So the reports of my grandfathers health had been greatly exaggerated… a good friend of his from back in the construction days died recently and the funeral was last week. So he drove 4.5 hours to Pembroke, stayed overnight and drove back the next day. He’s 86 and spent nine hours on the road because one of the last of his friends from Back In The Day passed away… when he got back he was exhausted, so my grandmother and mother decided he had suffered a stroke. Aaaaargh.

Anyway, I spent most of last week volunteering on three different renovation jobs, updated large portions of this blog, spent for too much time around other people… me being an extreme introvert and all… and trying to write emails to people I haven’t spoken to (but wanted to) in several years. So I’ve been exhausted from living on three or four different schedules, but I think I’m feeling better now.*


* “In General” contains 12% new material previously not sent in emails explaining why I’ve been hiding.


Next Week:

Two More Movies, Two Short Cuts And A Poet.



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