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Little Victor Sunday Update | Eating Pears Playing At The Splash Park And Projectile Milk

. We don’t know how much Victor weighs right now. I’m guessing more than he used to, because this weeks clothes always have to be bigger than last weeks clothes. It has been three weeks since we took him to … Continue reading

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How To Deal With A Hot Headed Neighbour And The Smoke From Their Fire

People living in rural communities such as the one I live in sometimes confuse rural with abandoned. There are people who live in Vankleek Hill (pop. 1800) who, with their large and mostly enclosed backyard, forget what they do for … Continue reading

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Hi There, My Name Is…

My name is Gabriel Landriault. Admitting this is kind of a big deal, at least to me, because I’ve been blogging anonymously for almost five years. Not including the six years I pretended my four Geocities accounts didn’t exist, I … Continue reading

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The Hyperbole Of Hope And The Inevitability Of Change

President Elect Obama won the election, yet Senator McCain didn’t lose so much as he came in a very close second. The person electors wanted to punish was President Bush, and they have. The almost-former President’s place in history has … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago SCAN Could’ve Had Me Evicted But Activists Nearly Did It On Their Own

A friend of mine raised some concerns on her blog about Bill 106 – ‘The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act’, which was recently introduced into the Ontario Legislature as a private members Bill by Ottawa Centre Liberal MPP Yasir Naqvi. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving An Election And Health Care

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada today, and tomorrow we vote for a new federal government. Election dates in Canada are selected by our Prime Minister whenever he’s ready to give’r so the timing is a coincidence, but taking a day off … Continue reading

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