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According to Walt Wawra the world is a place in need of infinitely more guns

. . If you were still wondering about the differences between Canada and the US, in terms of gun culture and other stuff, this might explain a few things… According to his letter to the Calgary Herald, Walt Wawra, a … Continue reading

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MoneySense magazine ranks Hawkesbury 150th out of 190 cities, people ask ‘what the fuck is MoneySense magazine?’

. For a few years MoneySense, a Toronto-based magazine, has been ranking cities in Canada from best to worst. For the third year in a row they’ve decided Hawkesbury is one of the worst places to live in Canada, and … Continue reading

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How the death of Steve Jobs could save Canadians

. This originally appeared as a column in the November 3 print and online editions of the North Bay / Nippissing News, the weekly newspaper I’ve been writing for recently. I’ve been recovering from some fairly serious illnesses over the … Continue reading

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The 2011 Liberal Party election results might count as ethnic cleansing

. . So… that was interesting. I am blown away at the collective humph to the nuts Canada has given to the Liberal Party of Canada. Seriously, it’s about time. The past fourteen years have been like being trapped in … Continue reading

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Vote Nobody and play the Wendy Mesley drinking game instead

I found this brilliant piece of awesomely cynical graffiti eleven years ago beside a Chinese restaurant in Guelph, Ontario. Just like every election cycle as far back as I can remember there has been talk recently, mostly on CBCNN, about … Continue reading

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White v. Red: Remembering what Remembrance Day is about

. There’s a move on now to turn Remembrance Day in Ontario into a holiday. I don’t think it’s a good idea, for the same reason I think people in Ottawa are misguided to think it’s cool to sell white … Continue reading

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