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According to Walt Wawra the world is a place in need of infinitely more guns

If you were still wondering about the differences between Canada and the US, in terms of gun culture and other stuff, this might explain a few things… According to his letter to the Calgary Herald, Walt Wawra, a Michigan police … Continue reading

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White v. Red: Remembering what Remembrance Day is about

There’s a move on now to turn Remembrance Day in Ontario into a holiday. I don’t think it’s a good idea, for the same reason I think people in Ottawa are misguided to think it’s cool to sell white poppies … Continue reading

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The Night Hate Came To A Vankleek Hill Theatre

“Dem free-niggers f’um de N’of am sho’ crazy.” — dialogue card from “The Birth Of A Nation” (1915), “Part 2: Reconstruction” “The result: The Klu Klux Klan, the organization that saved the South from the anarchy of black rule, but … Continue reading

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The Hyperbole Of Hope And The Inevitability Of Change

President Elect Obama won the election, yet Senator McCain didn’t lose so much as he came in a very close second. The person electors wanted to punish was President Bush, and they have. The almost-former President’s place in history has … Continue reading

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Canadian Inventions — The Wonderbra

Buck 65: Canadian “Wicked & Weird“; ‘Talkin’ Honky Blues’ (2003) When does a piece of clothing become more about attracting attention than aboot personal convenience? About twenty minutes after you get out of the bathtub. And the one piece of … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 20 In Review

Prozzak: Canadian “Strange Disease”; ‘Hotshow‘ (1998) . CSN:AFU Week Twenty . Web 1.9 And A New Music Page: It seems to me that this Web 2.0 movement… which seems to have cooled off in the past few months, is all … Continue reading

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