CSN:AFU Week 16 In Review

Joni Mitchell: Canadian

“Born To Take The Highway“; unreleased: performance (1965);
lyrics published ‘Gandalf Publishing Company’ (1966)

a request from absolut.folly… let it play, some dude talks for a minute.
This is from when Joni was still “Anderson”.


CSN:AFU Week Sixteen


Change Of Name:

So I changed my WP “nickname” from… ‘[redacted]’ to ‘senators in six.’, but it’ll change back in two weeks when the NHL Playoffs are finished. In case you’re wondering ‘[redacted]’ comes from a College magazine publishing / html course… we had to market a product and I chose Religion: “All Praise The Grapefruit, [redacted]”. It’s okay, I know no one was wondering.



The Lists:

Five Strangest Search Terms Used To Find CSN:AFU

5) canadian beaver
4) the bitter guy
3) how to suck boops
2) catherine zeta jones fuck zoro
1) what hollywood actor has the largest coc

Honourable Mention: why was canada day invented


Top Five CSN:AFU Posts Since Last Friday:

1) Ottawa Senators: Tearing My Family Apart OR Does Anyone Have A Recipe For Roast Duck Or Fried Wings?
2) The First Ten Things You Need To Know Aboot Canada
3) Short Cuts: The NHL’s No Buzkashi League OR So What If Nobody Ordered The Duck
4) [redacted]: Why Are We Tearing Down Uncle Tom’s Cabin?
5) Greatest Hits: Canadian Inventions — ‘Radio’

Honourable Mention: Six Canadian Movies You Need To See That Don’t Suck — Part One: FUBAR


The Five Blogs I Visited Most This Week

1) The Bitter Guy
2) Sex In Canada
3) Newfoundblog
4) A Wide Angle View Of India (Nita!)
5) Sisyphus’ Ledge



This Week In General:

So I’ve totally without trying lost ten pounds… over the past, well, ten days. Holy fuck have I been bummed out over the past couple of weeks. And broke? Fuck, I’m so broke when I walk down the street little children are handing me their lunch money… well, replace “little children” with “old ladies” and “walk” with “sprinting away with” and “lunch money” with “their purses”. I’ve spent this entire week with an MSG headache because the only thing I’ve had to eat have been “Mr. Noodles”, the occasional egg and canned tuna. If you alternate — like Mr. Noodles “Seafood” with the tuna, then the next night you drop an egg into the “Oriental” Mr. Noodles when it’s done boiling — it isn’t so bad. Back in The Day some friends of mine who were also on “a fixed income” and myself would rotate between our apartments (re: rooming houses) and have potluck suppers. Mostly they were based around Macaroni & Cheese. My favourite recipe involved seaweed and tuna. Very tastey. Actually, back In That Day, my favourite recipe was twenty-four beers and a handful of weed, it was a little pricey but well worth the preparation time. 

So no eating, and no movement, apparently leads to weight loss. It’d be a short book, but one that needs writing. I managed to get in a couple of days with my grandfather and his new, very large, flat screen Plasma HD television. The problem is, of course, the cable company in this market won’t have HD programming until August. Not that he watches it a whole lot, he played golf three days this past week. Two eighteens and a nine. He’s 86 or 87. He played 68 games last year, and 98 the year before. He’s aiming for at least 70 this summer. He played 18 holes on Wednesday and almost broke 100. Last year the local CTV affiliate did a story on him and Joseph, his youngest brother, aboot their golfing and aboot how the University of Ottawa was putting on a “Do” for them… they played hockey at the UofO, my grandfather is their oldest alumni. They were also both hockey stars Back In The Day in the Northern Ontario Hockey League. Joseph went on to be Deputy Minister of Finance for Pierre Trudeau, then went on to help build the World Bank. My grandfather went on to become an engineer and built mega-dams all over the world… he was the Project Manager for James Bay and Churchill Falls. He also bullt the bottom half of the tower on The Olympic Stadium in Montreal, but he doesn’t talk much aboot that one. If it sounds like I’m bragging a little… I am. Don’t even get me started on Johnny, my grandfathers older brother… the guy was in The Devil’s Brigade. You don’t get much cooler than that.

Mostly this week I just tried to get to the end of the week… and here I am, so something went right.

I posted a couple of things on [my other blog] and got attacked by anti-pharma fanatics. I’m pretty sure a few of them were / continue to be Scientologists. My blog was passed around in some discussion groups, which is always weird. Unless you join those things you can’t defend yourself… at least not without posting on your own site, which gets ugly. It has happened before with other posts so I’m kind of used to it, but when the name calling starts getting personal it can be frustrating. It was one of my best days with the blog hits and page views though. I’m such a whore when it comes to that stuff. Praise be to Xenu, shower me with blog hits.

We finished building the stone wall on the museum project, so no more lugging stone around for me for a while. Unfortunately we did such a great job (there are photos coming) that mom wants one at Home. But I think, for that one, my step-father will get professionals to build it… I think he’s had enough back pain for the summer.

And, Lastly, I Posted Fifteen More photos on my “Photo Evidence” Page. If you see yourself, let me know. If you don’t see yourself feel free to send photos. And, if you don’t see Finland, blame absolut.folly.



This Weeks New Posts:

Short Cuts: The NHL’s No Buzkashi League OR So What If Nobody Ordered The Duck
Ten Minutes After The Ducks Fried The Wings last night, questions were being raised aboot who, in their right mind, would ever want to watch the Ottawa Somethings play the Anaheim… what the fuck are they called again? Every year it’s the same frigging thing… the Stanley Cup Finals start, and are instantly dismissed by a pack of “sports” reporters (I’m not going to say “American” because there are a few Canadian reporters asking the same question… although most of them work for the Toronto Star).

I’m not entirely happy with this post. I’m not sure what I could have done differently, other than write it better using different words and maybe a little more effort and a few more adjectives and adverbs and maybe I should learn what a freaking preposition is and why you shouldn’t end a sentence with one then there are these things: “…”, could I possibly use them any more frequently? Maybe, someday, I’ll just write an entire post using nothing but “…”. And, I’m starting to think, I use comma’s waaaaay too often.


Ottawa Senators: Tearing My Family Apart OR Does Anyone Have A Recipe For Roast Duck Or Fried Wings?
When I was a kid my grandfather had… season tickets at The Forum in Montreal. When my brother and I went up for a visit we’d get dressed up and go sit behind Ken Dryden. Ken Fucking Dryden. I watched Guy Lafleur skate. Steve Shutt, Larry Robinson and Serge Savard… each game my grandfather would make a point of pointing out Yvan Cournoyer’s nickname was “The Roadrunner”. I still have some of the ticket stubs, and at least one program. I was born, like my grandfather before me and his father before him, a Habs Fan.

This one started as one post but turned into a completely different post by aboot the third paragraph. I was just going to write something quick aboot how I ended up being a Senators fan, but then I started writing aboot my relationship with my grandfather… this ended up being one of the most emotional things I’ve ever written. Just as a quick explanation to my European friends, “Roast Duck” refers to the Anaheim Ducks, while “Fried Wings” is the Detroit Red Wings… I’ve been in a weird mood the last couple of weeks and I haven’t been putting the links into my posts the way I should be… I’ll fix that for next week.



Next Week:

Two Canadian Movies And A Short Cut.

This will be the third week I’ve told myself I’ll write these fucking things… I have food now, so maybe I’ll have some energy.


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About Gabriel

I’ve lived in more than fifty places. I've been paid to pick stones out of fields, take backstage photos of Britney Spears, and report on Internet privacy issues. My photos have been published in several newspapers, and a couple of magazines.
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14 Responses to CSN:AFU Week 16 In Review

  1. absolut.folly says:

    let’s not play the blame game.
    pics of Finland coming a.s.a.p.
    what part of “I still don’t have a camera” is it that you don’t understand?

    Ok, I’ll go steal some other people’s pics. Be right back.

  2. That’s what the web is for… you’d think after having lived there for at least, what… a few months anyway, you’d have taken the occasional photo. Don’t you have any photos from the “Three Beers” joint?

  3. absolut.folly says:

    I cannot believe you remember the TB. I do have lots of pics, but they are old fasioned, and I don’t have a scanner.

    I thought I was supposed to send pics I’d taken myself, but if ripped ones are ok, I’ll get some for you today (with captures added by me).

    now go to bed.

  4. I’m halfway there… I can find web-Finland myself, I would much prefer photos of your version of Finland. Thanks for coming out to play. Now… go do whatever Finlanders do on a Sunday, I’m assuming there would be a sauna and some beer involved.

  5. cheeks says:

    I was wondering ten days ago aboot FTS! But then I stumbled upon the origin after roaming around here. You made it up as part of a project thingy for your html class somewhere…

    I wonder about lots of things.

    At one time I wanted to post a question on my blog: what is the origin of your screen name (of course I would try to ask it enticingly so readers would feel it a fun topic).

    Okay, just really wanted to let you know people do wonder about these things. Now I will read the rest of this post.

  6. That’d actually be an interesting question… the hardest part aboot starting my many, many, far too many blogs was coming up with the nicknames/URLs… like “Cheeks Filibuster” for example.

  7. absolut.folly says:

    knock knock

  8. It better not be a herring.

  9. absolut.folly says:

    you’re up early

  10. absolut.folly says:

    we need a chat room.
    I was just skimming through our conversation the other night (morning in my case). You should remove it.

  11. There is a “chat room”, it’s my aboot page. Why remove it?

  12. absolut.folly says:

    ok. c u aboot.

    (don’t know why. I guess I feel like I’m hogging your blog comments)

  13. sisyphusledge says:

    Hi Sen. in Six. Just catching up. Tried to comment a few days ago on the EMDR etc. but I think your spam filter ate my comment because it wasn’t accepted/vanished on “Submit”. I had pasted some links in so maybe that was why? Anyhoo, hoping things are getting a little bit better; you seem to have plenty of people here who care aboot you. (I’m adopting the ‘oot since I hear it so much here in this part of Scotland).
    Take care

  14. The spam people did grab it, but I brought it back (it’s over on my personal blog). I just haven’t had time to respond until now (well… a little later). Scotland is definitely a home for oots and aboots, I’m glad you’re taking up the fight.

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