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Canadian Snow Job Part Two: Reclaiming The B Word

Bass Is Base: Canadian “Funkmobile”; ‘First Impressions For The Bottom Jigglers’ (1994) Click Here For More Canadian Music… do it kids, stick it to The Man. . . Fifty centimetres of snow dropped on my Little Village yesterday. Depending on … Continue reading

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Short Cuts: Canada’s Gay Anglicans Were Sacrificed For Politics Not Religion… Just Like Jesus And Marc Hall

Big Sugar: Canadian “Better Get Used To It”; ‘HemiVision’ (1996) . It Wasn’t Religion That Put Jesus On The Cross… Pontius Pilate made the decision based on political expediency, he didn’t wash his hands because he Believed the Jewish religion … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 19 In Review

Vulgaires Machins: Canadien “Compter les corps”; ‘Compter les corps‘ (2006) . CSN:AFU Week Nineteen . Family, Visitors And Avoidance: It takes me time to prepare for… visitors. Then, when they’re gone, it takes time to get over those visitors. It’s … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 17 In Review

Doug & The Slugs: Canadian “Makin’ It Work“; ‘Music For The Hard Of Thinking’ (1982) . ‘[redacted] CSN:AFU Week Seventeen . Change Of Name… And Back Again: So I changed my WP “nickname” from… ‘[redacted]’ to ‘senators in six.’ for the … Continue reading

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Belly: Canadian “Go Sens Go”; unreleased (2007) 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Game Three In Ottawa just click on the thumbnail to see the full photo… When I’d go to concerts as a young punk I’d usually… get up front for a … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 16 In Review

Joni Mitchell: Canadian “Born To Take The Highway“; unreleased: performance (1965); lyrics published ‘Gandalf Publishing Company’ (1966) a request from absolut.folly… let it play, some dude talks for a minute. This is from when Joni was still “Anderson”. . CSN:AFU Week … Continue reading

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