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My grandfather taught me how to build a dam instead of islands

. . . When we were kids, and we were lucky, it would rain. And the parking area of my grandfather’s mountain farm would fill up with streams and rivulets. The farm house was in a small valley, near the … Continue reading

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Two Victor’s Update | Crawling, biting and talking

. I might be jumping the gun here, I’m not sure what the protocol is, or what exactly constitutes “crawling”, but my kid — on camera — got into the crawl position, did his frog dance, then moved one knee … Continue reading

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Smoking Smoked Smoke

Minimal dust operation with disposable bag. . . . Living On Canter Boulevard (28 of 52) In Ottawa… . Back in the fall of 1993 my brother had just moved in with some ‘friends of friends’. I was desperate to … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 29 In Review

Philosopher Kings: Canadian “Beautiful Creature”; ‘Castles‘ (2006) Click Here For More Canadian Music… do it kids, stick it to The Man. . CSN:AFU Week Twenty-Nine . Labouring Through The Days. I’m not sure if this is a rule or… not, but if … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 23 In Review

Kim Mitchell: Canadian “Go For A Soda”; ‘Akimbo Alogo‘ (1985) . CSN:AFU Week Twenty-Three . And On A Personal Note: I’ve been not well for aboot two months now… this would be why the updates and regular features have been … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 19 In Review

Vulgaires Machins: Canadien “Compter les corps”; ‘Compter les corps‘ (2006) . CSN:AFU Week Nineteen . Family, Visitors And Avoidance: It takes me time to prepare for… visitors. Then, when they’re gone, it takes time to get over those visitors. It’s … Continue reading

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