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Enviro-mental Cat

My cat can open cupboards, she can open the drawers on my dresser, when she was a kitten she could escape from every jail I put her and her siblings into. When she was still smaller than my fist she … Continue reading

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Two Victor’s Update | Crawling, biting and talking

. I might be jumping the gun here, I’m not sure what the protocol is, or what exactly constitutes “crawling”, but my kid — on camera — got into the crawl position, did his frog dance, then moved one knee … Continue reading

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Almost Like Art | The slow death of colour

I really like this shot, but I believe the only thing in focus here is the fly. This ‘theme’ only allows for a width of 640-650px, which means I can’t enlarge the photo to prove it, so take my word… … Continue reading

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Little Victor Update | Getting ready to crawl

. Victor has been exposed to almost every type of food a baby can eat. And there’s a lot of it… the combinations the people at baby head office have come up with just get weird after a while. Like … Continue reading

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I need to shoot more people

In the eighteen months we’ve been dating my girlfriend has never once been mean or cruel. A few nights ago I was showing her some of my recent photos and she said “I really love the photos you take of … Continue reading

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Finding Shambhala On A Mother’s Shoulder

. There is nothing so self-unaware, self-unconscious, so blissed out as a (non-teething) baby. They don’t even really exist, physically, to their own senses… I’d imagine the first six months of being a baby would be a lot like living … Continue reading

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