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The Samurai bee and the red ninja horde

Even without the hordes of tiny, red six-legged monsters stealthily climbing the flower stems, preparing for the attack, this is a pretty cool shot. But it’s a lot better with the thousands of tiny, red six-legged beasties quietly climbing upwards … Continue reading

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Azrael and Papa Smurf smurfing in the smurf but this time it’s to the smurf

. I may have been eleven-years old when I first asked myself about Smurfette’s role in the Smurf Village, I still don’t really know the answer. So I just checked her Wiki page, and it turns out the dude Smurfs … Continue reading

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August is time for the Vankleek Hill Fairomantics

. The Fair is in town. It’s ‘the’ social event of of the year for Vankleek Hill’s ‘tween crowd. From sunset until their 11pm curfew it’s their one chance to be all together in one spot after dark. Pretty much … Continue reading

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I need to shoot more people

In the eighteen months we’ve been dating my girlfriend has never once been mean or cruel. A few nights ago I was showing her some of my recent photos and she said “I really love the photos you take of … Continue reading

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Almost Like Art | Clouded Eye

. It has been a long time since I last published an “Almost Like Art” post, and that’s mostly because when I take a photo of a brick wall, it looks exactly like a brick wall. I have friends who … Continue reading

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Self Portraits I Can Barely Tolerate 006

. I had no idea they made fitted dentist jackets. I don’t think, if I hadn’t seen them in person, the idea such a thing could exist would have ever occurred to me. Whoever came up with the concept must … Continue reading

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