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Little Victor Quick Update | He can crawl

. On Thursday evening, November 11, 2010, Victor decided it was time to start crawling forwards. This, of course, means nearly everything I’ve learnt about raising a child over the past eleven months is out the window. I tried changing … Continue reading

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Portraits Of People Who Can Make Me Smile 004

I think it’s pretty obvious my girlfriend was born to be on the cover of a Simon & Garfunkel album… or in the local weekly newspaper which, coincidentally, is where a black and white version of this photo was published … Continue reading

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Little Victor Update | First Thanksgiving, poo and cannibalism

. It’s official, Victor is a cannibal. We just had to wait for his teeth to fully come through to find out for sure. Sometimes, when we’re feeding him his hard food, we’ll just kind of drop bits into his … Continue reading

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Enviro-mental Cat

My cat can open cupboards, she can open the drawers on my dresser, when she was a kitten she could escape from every jail I put her and her siblings into. When she was still smaller than my fist she … Continue reading

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The Samurai bee and the red ninja horde

Even without the hordes of tiny, red six-legged monsters stealthily climbing the flower stems, preparing for the attack, this is a pretty cool shot. But it’s a lot better with the thousands of tiny, red six-legged beasties quietly climbing upwards … Continue reading

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Almost Like Art | The slow death of colour

I really like this shot, but I believe the only thing in focus here is the fly. This ‘theme’ only allows for a width of 640-650px, which means I can’t enlarge the photo to prove it, so take my word… … Continue reading

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