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Little Victor Update | The finger

. My son has learned the eternal and universal symbol for the concept of “I want”… he has learned to point, which he does a lot now. Pointing is quickly followed by him looking up at you with his huge … Continue reading

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Using boiling water to make snow on a -25C sick day

Someone in the Northwest Territories uploaded a video to YouTube showing how to make snow with boiling water… I know, finally someone found a use for the Internet besides spreading Mayan propaganda and killing off the music industry. Basically a … Continue reading

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Little Victor Quick Update | He can crawl

. On Thursday evening, November 11, 2010, Victor decided it was time to start crawling forwards. This, of course, means nearly everything I’ve learnt about raising a child over the past eleven months is out the window. I tried changing … Continue reading

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Canadian Inventions — Basketball

Maestro Fresh Wes: Canadian “Let Your Backbone Slide”; ‘Symphony In Effect’ (1989) The most popular urban sport in the world was invented by a Canadian who, as a child raised in rural Canada, thought a game where kids threw rocks at … Continue reading

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