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Pregnancy Update: What happens when her water breaks far too soon

. Diane’s water broke, so she has been in the hospital since Tuesday, and won’t be released until the baby is born. The problem is she’s only 22-weeks into the pregnancy, which is far too early for a safe delivery. … Continue reading

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Little Victor Update | The finger

. My son has learned the eternal and universal symbol for the concept of “I want”… he has learned to point, which he does a lot now. Pointing is quickly followed by him looking up at you with his huge … Continue reading

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Little Victor Update | One year ago today

. Victor finally has an age. He is a full year old. His original due date was January 10, 2010, and his original name would have been Victor Binary Landriault… so his being premature might have been a good thing. … Continue reading

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Canadian Inventions — Insulin

Until 1922 diabetes was treated through starvation diets and exercise. Right up until January 22, 1922, having diabetes ruthlessly and inevitably meant blindness, renal failure, heart attacks, strokes, leg amputations and/or a reduced life expectancy. But on January 23, 1922, … Continue reading

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