Little Victor Quick Update | He can crawl

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On Thursday evening, November 11, 2010, Victor decided it was time to start crawling forwards.

This, of course, means nearly everything I’ve learnt about raising a child over the past eleven months is out the window.

I tried changing his diaper this morning, thankfully it was just a big sack of pee because a naked newly-crawling baby would make a great wall-painting device… if you wanted everything brown.

Up until this morning, when I changed Victor’s diaper he’d mostly talk to me and flap his arms around. Suddenly Victor is now a 25lb angry poo-badger who hates laying around on his back.


YouTube Warning: video of 25lb angry poo-badger is cute and heartwarming.


Anytime I let go of his legs, to grab a wipe or his new diaper, he flipped over onto his stomach, got his legs locked into position, and started crawling away from me. The entire process takes him less than a second, so I know he’s been practising.

Until today I’ve done most of his changes on my bed, while he’s laying on a plastic changing blanket. But now I’ll have to find a new change station because, watching him and his bare ass rolling around on my sheets today, it’ll be years before I let him back on my bed.

Maybe I’ll just change him in the bathtub from now on, and maybe use a hose.

Everything’s different now. I guess I’ll have to get some fencing for the apartment.

Victor also turned eleven-months old today. I thought it was just a cliché, but they really do grow up fast. Only another few weeks until he’s one-year old, then a few more months until we start looking for his own apartment.


Photo Of Victor’s Week:

Little Victor at the dollar store in Hawkesbury


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10 Responses to Little Victor Quick Update | He can crawl

  1. zoom says:

    He’s SO cute! Love the video. He was kind of moon-crawling there at first, but then he got some momentum going.

  2. Detached says:

    He’s sooo adorable! I love your Victor updates – its great that he can get around :D

  3. Gabriel says:

    Thanks to you both. That was the first time he crawled on the bare floor, and right away he found a new form of mobility… slap hands down on floor, and drag self forward. I’m sure I’ve seen fences for babies, or something you can setup as an enclosure for the newly-mobile baby so they can have some safe free range space to practice in.

  4. I’m glad to see him crawling. They are much more entertained. He seems so smart too. I do think he’s going to be all over the place so you might need some boundaries. When he figures out how to climb out of the crib—that’s when you start losing sleep. It’s so much fun though. They learn to talk more and share thoughts about what’s going on. Lucky you.

  5. WHOO HOOO VICTOR!! G. enlist him in Baby Races! Might make for a good secondary income!!

  6. Count yourself lucky. My son didn’t crawl. Just when we were starting to wonder why he hadn’t crawled yet…he started to WALK!

    I can relate though, my son also would try the speed roll over during diaper changes. I had to become a master of holding his legs with one hand (at the ankles) and doing everything else with the other hand.

  7. Gabriel says:

    Hello Modern Dadfare, thanks for the comment. We were thinking the same thing would happen… Victor loves to stand in his crib, holding onto the railing with one hand. And anytime we stand him up and hold his hands, he’s been getting very good at moving one foot in front of the other.

    My girlfriend taught me the “holding legs while doing everything using one hand” technique, but I think I found a better way… he still fits into the longer drawers of my dresser. So I took one out, put it on the bed, lined it with a blanket and some plastic changing blankets. Worked like a charm, he had nowhere to roll to… and I can still sit at the bed in my folding chair and get things done at my own pace.

    He’s going to outgrow the drawer in a few months, so I’m hoping someone invents a pill by then.

  8. nursemyra says:

    well he’s just too beautiful for words

  9. Gabriel says:

    Definitely, Nurse Myra, and it’s all thanks to years of Canadian genetic experiments. It’s great to see you here again, btw.

  10. egills says:

    Hi, followed Modern Dadfare in ( hope you don’t mind ).
    My nephew has reached the crawling stage and is hillarious when he’s escaping ( being a ’empty nest’ mum it’s great to watch now – but I can still remember chasing my two boys around when they wanted to go au natural – they could crawl really fast! ).

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