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A Two Minute And Twenty-Two Second Cultural Snafu Adventure

Daniel Lanois: Canadian “Jolie Louise”; ‘Acadie’ (1989) . The Chateau Laurier in Ottawa — Photo by Me, summer, 1997 . A Two Minute & Twenty-Two Second Adventure: Shopping Let me know if the YouTube isn’t available. This personal video thing … Continue reading

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In Defence Of Scrooge

So I’m watching the Greatest Christmas movie ever made, Die Hard, and flipping over to one which freaked me out just enough when I was a kid I haven’t watched it all the way through since — A Christmas Carol. … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 20 In Review

Prozzak: Canadian “Strange Disease”; ‘Hotshow‘ (1998) . CSN:AFU Week Twenty . Web 1.9 And A New Music Page: It seems to me that this Web 2.0 movement… which seems to have cooled off in the past few months, is all … Continue reading

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Short Cuts: Canada’s Gay Anglicans Were Sacrificed For Politics Not Religion… Just Like Jesus And Marc Hall

Big Sugar: Canadian “Better Get Used To It”; ‘HemiVision’ (1996) . It Wasn’t Religion That Put Jesus On The Cross… Pontius Pilate made the decision based on political expediency, he didn’t wash his hands because he Believed the Jewish religion … Continue reading

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Monday’s Top Three News Stories (BBC, NBC, PBS, CBC/CTV: Quebec Election Coverage): 03/26/07

Headstones: Canadian “Unsound”; ‘Teeth And Tissue‘ (1995) Hugh Dillon Is Cooler Than You Are. . The First Three News Stories On 03/26/07 . Page Jump: BBC, NBC, PBS, CBC/CTV — Aboot The Quebec Election: Here . (6pm) BBC World News: … Continue reading

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America May Be The Trigger, But Europe Is The Finger

. . Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition … Continue reading

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