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The avoidable and useless death of Debbie Hunter

. A friend of mine… maybe an acquaintance I respected and felt great pity for, died today just days after being admitted to the hospital in Alexandria. She was 41-years old, or very close to it. I know that because … Continue reading

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The demolition of Vankleek Hill’s high school

. . Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (ESVCI), the high school I occasionally attended, sometimes for days in a row, is being slowly and finally demolished. When the school board finally announced Vankleek Hill would be getting a new school, to … Continue reading

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Life got so bad during the Great Depression people were actually fooled into thinking Corn Flakes had flavour

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the archives of The Review*, the 117-year old, Vankleek Hill-based weekly broadsheet newspaper — I’m writing a series of pieces on how the people in my village survived the Great Depression**. The … Continue reading

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Twisted but not shaken, Vankleek Hill feels effects of another 5.0 magnitude earthquake

. An earthquake centred near Val-des-Bois, Quebec, rolled sixty miles down the road and straight through Vankleek Hill on Wednesday afternoon, leaving buildings in our small village shaking and twisting. The 5.0* magnitude (Richter scale) quake was felt as far … Continue reading

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The Night Hate Came To A Vankleek Hill Theatre

“Dem free-niggers f’um de N’of am sho’ crazy.” — dialogue card from “The Birth Of A Nation” (1915), “Part 2: Reconstruction” “The result: The Klu Klux Klan, the organization that saved the South from the anarchy of black rule, but … Continue reading

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Little Victor Sunday Update | Eating Pears Playing At The Splash Park And Projectile Milk

. We don’t know how much Victor weighs right now. I’m guessing more than he used to, because this weeks clothes always have to be bigger than last weeks clothes. It has been three weeks since we took him to … Continue reading

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