Portrait Of A Munchie Attack

The Trews: Canadian

“Not Ready To Go”; ‘House of Ill Fame‘ (2003)


Me at the fountain; Feb. 12, 2008 — Photo by Me




This is a self-portrait of me in the local Burg3r King… it’s the first time I’ve eaten in a Fast-Fast Food place around here in over a year.

It’s not something I avoid as a philosophy of being Anti-Something… I’m actually pretty Pro-Those Things. Mostly I try to avoid 3F Places because of taste and health issues, although I did go to an A&W in Ottawa a few times last year. But that’s different… A&W has the tastiest burgers Ever.

There’s also the eight Locally-Owned Restaurants in my Little Village of 1800 people, and the thirty more local restaurants and Chip Stands ten miles down the road.

There’s definitely no shortage of places to eat here… unfortunately most of the LOR’s are, basically, identical in terms of food offered and poor service. And not a decent milkshake in the bunch.

But they are family owned, of which I’m definitely a big Pro, and use ingredients you can recognize at a glance. Not all of them are particularly tasty, but at least you know what they are. So, really, there’s no point to be eating at the 3F’s except in cases of extreme munchies.

Cost, however, is a problem with the LOR’s. A family of four at Burg3r King can eat for less than $25… a single all-dressed hamburger with bacon, fries, two drinks with a decent tip at the place across the street — which makes fantastic Greek food — will cost aboot $14.

Anyway… I was in the Burg3r King because of an extreme munchie emergency. I have a friend staying over for a few days and he smokes. I haven’t smoked in over a year so I’ve been having constant nic fits just from walking past his jacket… and apparently nic fits translate pretty well into 3F munchie attacks.




If you find a broken link, or the YouTube stuff isn’t loading
properly, let me know and I’ll find an alternative…
I’m Canadian, it’s what we do. Off the ice.




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I’ve lived in more than fifty places. I've been paid to pick stones out of fields, take backstage photos of Britney Spears, and report on Internet privacy issues. My photos have been published in several newspapers, and a couple of magazines.
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7 Responses to Portrait Of A Munchie Attack

  1. Deadrobot says:

    Stay strong. You can always walk off the effects of munchies. Taking up smoking again has much more sinister side effects.

  2. cutest.Finn says:

    alright. can I please have that pic (of me at Subwa7? it’s the first pic in years with me in it that I don’t absolutely hate. I guess, I should sing for my supper by giving you an update on what’s going on. I haven’t written really because I haven’t anything to tell. Life is Status Quo. School and work, that’s it.

  3. cutest.Finn says:

    and I just remembered, you took it through the window. Worked out nice, eh.

  4. Sugarsmacks says:

    The lighting is cool – almost clinical looking. But that choice of pop is almost disturbingly extensive. I count 7 or 8. And there’s still like a foot left over of more choices that we can’t see…

  5. Sugarsmacks says:

    Woops, I clicked submit before I was done. I was just going to say I usually gravitate towards the butter tarts and Vachon cakes section of those places. mmmm…half moons and flakies…

  6. Gabriel. says:

    Actually I’m usually searching for that kind of lighting… or at least when I realize I’m surrounded by it I pull out my camera.

    We need to get you an avatar…

  7. sugarsmacks says:

    The lighting is like that of the hospital I used to visit my friend in. It’s a way more fun interpretation in the context of your munchie-gettin’ post.

    But I’m still amazed by the amount of pops one store can wield upon the general public.

    How? How do we get me an avatar, Gabriel?? The determined tone of that avatar statement of yours is weirdly thrilling for me for some reason, I’m sorry. Would it have to be my spoon head? or do you choose something else? Anything you suggest :)

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