Some Similarites Between Shooting Flowers And Punk Bands

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My most common subject over the past year have been flowers from the local gardens, but several years ago I used to take photos of and for punk bands in Toronto. There are similarities… like both will pay you about the same amount, and soon after forming they’ll both break apart, wither and die. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of alcohol it takes to kill them.

Technical Stuff: With the three weirdly in focus buds surrounding the large flower the shot becomes something about timing… the shot would’ve been way cooler without the extra flower.

You shoot what you have access to and what you can see. I used to take photos of protests, demonstrations, concerts, air shows and now I take photos of flowers, babies and family… man, it’s a good thing I’ve got the lithium. Good times baby, good times.


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About Gabriel

I’ve lived in more than fifty places. I've been paid to pick stones out of fields, take backstage photos of Britney Spears, and report on Internet privacy issues. My photos have been published in several newspapers, and a couple of magazines.
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