How To Play Tourist In Ottawa And Find More Than The Colour Brown

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It’s not hard being a tourist in Ottawa… unless you’re a student of 1970’s architecture or have a fetish with the colour brown there’s really only a few blocks you Have to see in Ottawa. This is the National War Memorial on the left, and the Chateau Laurier on the right.

Technical Stuff: This is with the pocket Digital and I’m on my knees… I generally have a satchel I carry with my notebook and mini-tripod in it, it also makes a great kneepad. If this was a Disney park there’d be a sign saying “Photo Opportunity Here”. Check out the lines in this photo… that’s on purpose. Her bag being chopped off… not so much.

I’ve seen Ottawa. For almost ten years I lived in Ottawa. So I was more interested in getting a shot of my sister than Ottawa… it still works as a tourism shot, but I definitely made her the focus. Everybody should play Tourist in their region… see a show, check out the sights, score some blow, have a nice dinner, stab a local, wear socks with your sandals and shout out things like “you were right, they’re almost like us.”


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