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We almost managed to get Victor into the pool this weekend, but this was the weekend the battery in my girlfriend’s car decided to die. This coming week, however, Victor will start his swimming lessons.

We did spend a lot of time this week sitting on my balcony together, just watching the sun go down. He really does enjoy sitting quietly, listening to the birds and the wind blowing through the trees. I’m not exactly sure what he’s looking at, but he’ll focus on something for twenty second, then whip his head around and stare at something else. I think he’s following sounds more than anything else.

I took him out to sit and watch the moon a few nights ago, he seemed to get more excited than usual — I think it might have been the cool breeze, but the mosquitoes found us before I could figure it out, and we went back inside.

I fed him solid food for the first time tonight — my girlfriend has been doing it for a couple of weeks now. We’re introducing him to a new solid food — it’s really mush — every week. Last week was carrots, and Victor really does not like carrots, this week it was mixed vegetables… and there must have been some carrots in there, because he really did not like what I was giving him.

The trick, according to Diane, is to alternate between the spoon and the bottle. So in goes the mush, followed straight away by the bottle. I think Victor caught on to the trick tonight, because after four spoon loads of mush I couldn’t get the spoon close to him without his little arms waving in the air, and his face getting red.

Victor makes a series of noises that are basically warnings of much louder noises to come. He was making those warning noises when the spoon got too close to his mouth.

We introduce meat into his diet soon, then it’s spaghetti. Which, I think, is going to suck more than anything has ever sucked before. Since we started introducing the solid foods into his diet, his… poo has changed. It happened earlier when we switched over from mostly breast milk to a mostly formula diet, but that change was like going from vanilla to butterscotch pudding compared to the horrible, foul smelling clay we’re cleaning up now.

I can’t imagine meat making Victor’s output smell any better.

Oh. My. Good. God. When I was a teenager I cleaned manure for a living, I was crapped and urinated on by cows a few times while I was setting up the milking machine, or cleaning a stall. I would gladly clean a row of milking stalls for a year if it meant I wouldn’t have to smell Victor’s diaper for the next month.

…anyway. Victor is rolling over like he was born to do it. He still has a hard time tucking one arm in to make the rolling that much easier, but leave him on his back and a few minutes later he’ll be on his belly. Leave him on his belly and he’ll wind up on his back. He can even put a few rolls together and end up on the other end of the bed or couch.

He can’t crawl yet, but he’s getting close. He’s getting his rear end into the air, and pushing with his legs, but his arms don’t seem strong enough yet to pull him, or to keep his head off the ground. He can go backwards though. At least if you give him something to push off of.

I’ve been standing him up while I hold onto his hips, and his knees will lock for short periods and it’s almost like he can stand… but then he’ll collapse into a Buddha position. He really likes standing, though. He’ll get up and do a little happy dance before he falls back down.

He really seems to sense that it’s an accomplishment… unless he’s eating carrots, he’s happy all the time, so it’s hard to tell sometimes if he’s happy because it’s his natural state, or if he’s happy because he just did something cool. But standing up, as far as I can tell, is something he thinks is really cool.

He has also developed his first bad habit… he can’t take his eyes away from a television that’s been left on. Victor was laying in his great-grandfather’s arms today (Sunday) while Andrew, his four-year old big brother, was playing a “Dora The Explorer” game on the computer and Victor was twisting his whole body to get a better look.

I’m not sure if this is my fault or not. Victor and I watched almost every game during the NHL playoff… first the Senators, then we followed the Canadiens, and then the finals. He couldn’t stay awake for all the games, or even for an entire period, but we did watch chunks of them together.

The kid’s already shaped like a potato, I’d hate to think I’ve started the process of turning his brain into one as well.


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5 Responses to Little Victor Sunday Update | Sunsets TV and more mush

  1. Has Victor eaten mushed fruit?

  2. Gabriel says:

    Hi Clare. I forgot about the fruit. He had custard today, and over the past… three weeks (?) he’s tried bananas, peaches and prunes. He doesn’t like peaches a whole lot, but the bananas and prunes he’s good with. The peaches were his first solid food, so I think that had something to do with his reaction.

  3. Bromac says:

    ooh, ooh, try sweet potato’s! And prunes…..just…..yuck :)

  4. I like mushed ‘nanas too!

  5. I like what you say about my poetry–“a delicate wit and an emotional hammer!!”

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