Little Victor Sunday Update | New cousin new food new poo

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This week Victor lost the distinction of being the youngest member of my family… and gained a cousin.

Chase Holden Landriault was born on Wednesday, July 14, at 3am. This is the first child for his parents, my sister-in-law Joan, and Luc, my little brother.

Holden comes from Catcher In The Rye, I’m not sure where Chase comes from, but I do know the initials “CH” stand for “Club de hockey Canadien” (Montreal Canadiens).

Hopefully Luc’s wife, a serious Toronto Maple Leaf fanatic, never finds out.

I’m sure, when Chase is old enough, his big cousin will tell him all about the Ottawa Senators.

Victor’s great-grandfather is home from the hospital after a week long stay. My grandfather, who is 88-years old, had a “mild” heart attack last weekend, and the doctor’s inserted a stent into one of his arteries — it had been 95% blocked, which isn’t good. They were going to insert more, but decided he was in excellent shape and could get by on using a few pills.

My grandfather plays 36 holes of golf every week. He’s only been using a cart for the past couple of years, and there are a couple of par-5 holes where he watches the other three players and takes a ‘7’, but twice a week he’s out there.

Hopefully the two Victors can get together later on today (Monday).

We don’t know how much Victor weighs right now — at the last weigh-in he was at 17lbs 13ozs, and gaining 1/4lb per week. So he should be over 18lbs by now. What we do know is Victor’s poo has definitely moved into a whole new category. It’s basically becoming Play-Doh, but it’s not so much fun when it’s squeezing out.

It probably has something to do with his newish diet. I didn’t feed him the hard stuff this week, I was strictly formula and juice detail, but Diane has been feeding him all kinds of new veggies, fruits and animal byproducts. Diane has also taught Victor, and I think this is just amazing, to feed himself with a spoon.

There are photos. It’s the funniest thing.

Victor has also moved on from simply picking something up and jamming it straight into his mouth. Now he actually takes time to focus on the object first — almost like he’s gauging if it’ll fit, then he jams it into his mouth.

…Diane, by the way, sleep walks when she hears Victor start fussing in his crib. It just happened. It’s kind of weird.

A few days ago Victor and I were hanging out for a few hours while Diane was working at the store, and he looked at me and made a noise like “dahdah” three times in about a second. Made my heart skip. Then he made car engine sounds for about five minutes.

Diane’s back in bed now. I asked her about the new foods but all I got was “mumblemum… ble”. We were in Ottawa on Saturday night for shawarma and to see “Inception”, so I just asked her “what’s the combination to the safe?”. Go see the movie and you’ll see why that’s funny.

Victor is also grabbing his toes now. He’s trying to bring them to his mouth, but his feet won’t cooperate. It’s like the bottom half and the top half just aren’t working together at all. Like they have their own agendas.


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2 Responses to Little Victor Sunday Update | New cousin new food new poo

  1. Bromac says:

    He is so stinkin’ cute!!!

  2. Gabriel says:

    …I know, and he’s not even trying.

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