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How to get your digital camera back after you’ve lost it

. My girlfriend recently lost her pocket digital camera, on the data stick were a months worth of baby photos… maybe two. Which, when you’re the parent of that baby, sucks in large ways. She’s been pretty messed up about … Continue reading

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Finding Shambhala On A Mother’s Shoulder

. There is nothing so self-unaware, self-unconscious, so blissed out as a (non-teething) baby. They don’t even really exist, physically, to their own senses… I’d imagine the first six months of being a baby would be a lot like living … Continue reading

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Almost Like Art | Christine On The Street

. Of all the photos I’ve ever taken, and some of of them have been pretty sweet, this one is my favourite. It’s the b/w contrast, the way Christine is standing, how she’s looking at the camera, her eyeliner, the … Continue reading

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Portraits Of People Who Can Make Me Smile 003

. I spent a couple of weeks walking around town at night looking for cool lighting situations, and this was one of them. It’s not a big town. I have another shot that showcases the light better, but this — … Continue reading

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