CSN:AFU Week 24 In Review

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“Don’t It Make You Feel“; ‘Turn It Loud‘ (1982)


CSN:AFU Week Twenty-Four


Fear The Seeds Is Back From Purgatory… IT LIVES!!!

Those left from my original “posse” might… remember that I started with three blogs. Back in 1999, I had my features, creative and personal writing jammed into one blog and the arguments from one area bled over into all the others. It wasn’t fun. So, having learned the lesson, last November — along with “CSN:AFU” and “[my other blog]”, I started “Fear The Seeds” to be my feature-writing and discussion blog. But writing features is time consuming and I gotta have my Littlest Hobo and Froot Loops. 

So, after only five posts, 2258 hits and 122 responses, I closed FTS down to concentrate on CSN:AFU, which has been a lot more fun. But there are still things I can’t do, or don’t feel comfortable doing, on [my other blog] or Cultural… so, I’m going to use FTS as a place to expand on some ideas I’ve recently written aboot on [my other blog]. Basically it’s going to be a photo site — both recent and from the past — but with the memories attached to them and whatever technical stuff I can put together… I should probably also mention that I was the photo editor for one magazine and the primary shooter for a (smallish-n) national newspaper. So, if you’re interested, the New FTS is called “photo graphic F.T.S.“, and I’ve already started posting.

More Importantly Nita Dropped In…

and tagged me with an “Intellectual Blogger Award.” Before you laugh at the idea, she thinks I deserve it… Nita’s a professional (capital J) Journalist who has worked with many newspapers including the Times Of India. Through her blog — “A Wide Angle View Of India” — she’s right in the middle of the most important cultural movement on the planet, and she’s covering the associated issues with insight, intelligence and wit. Nita has been in my “Five Blogs I Visited Most This Week” list for twenty four straight weeks, so that’s how I feel aboot her, and her writing. Thanks Nita.


The Lists:

Five Strangest Search Terms Used To Find CSN:AFU

5) hook-up-with-a-14-year-old-boy
4) Sarah Galashan Jewish
3) want to become a polygamist
2) manic depressive redheads
1) pubic aroma

Honourable Mention: flickr mohareb pictures


Top Five CSN:AFU Posts Since Last Friday:

1) CSN:AFU Monday’s Top Three News Stories — July 02/07
2) [redacted]
3) Greatest Hits: Canadian Inventions — ‘Basketball
4) Canada: Offering A Safe-Sex Environment Where Humanity Can Fuck Itself Back Together Again
5) The First Ten Things You Need To Know Aboot Canada

Honourable Mention: Short Cuts: Canada’s Gay Anglicans Were Sacrificed For Politics Not Religion… Just Like Jesus And Marc Hall


The Five Blogs I Visited Most This Week

1) Nita: A Wide Angle View Of India
2) Experimental Chimp
3) Kamangir (Archer) (real news from inside Iran)
4) Dead Robot
5) Pample the Moose



This Week In General:

There is nothing more frustrating, as a… blogger, than to have your material debated upon in a forum you have no access to, except being able to watch the debate without being able to participate. Worse yet… this one’s taking place in Spanish. Someone in Madrid picked up a post I wrote on [my other blog] aboot five months ago aboot how the myth of ability in manic depression is extremely dangerous, because once someone with Bipolar Disease starts believing the myth their chances for recovery drop substantially.

The group doing the debating are using lots of emoticons, so I don’t think it’s a mensa group. The actual stated manifesto of their group is to promote the belief that Manic Depression adds to a persons creativity instead of what it actually does, prevent its host from leading a healthy life. Manic Depression is a disease that must be managed, or else it’ll kill you slowly or kill you quickly.

Fucking Punks. The last time this happened it was an anti-medication group. Every once in a while you’ll read aboot how insane it is that anorexics are enabling each other on blogs and websites… yeah.

Anyway, this week I made the decision to start eating healthy and it’s going great so far. Tonight I had a few fried potato wedges, two chicken legs and some gravy and that’s the least healthy thing I’ve eaten all week. Otherwise its been whole wheat bagels, bananas, apples, fish and yummy crab meat, orange juice and 1% milk. I’m actually eating a few, albeit small, meals everyday instead of one crappy meal ten minutes before going to bed… this is a huge change for me. What else… oh yeah, my teeth are clean, two of three fillings were filled and, apparently, I have the tooth bone density of a person nearly twice my age. Good times.




This Weeks New Posts:

CSN:AFU Monday’s Top Three News Stories
— July 23/07
Shootings and murders across Canada in an incredible weekend of violence, and a pedophile gets an incredible deal from a Crown Attorney. A Canadian bureaucrat admits to defrauding the Department of National Defence of $100 million. GM opens negotiations with the UAW: The outlook for the American car industry could be really bad if these negotiations go wrong… Huge fires in Idaho and Utah and massive flooding in Texas. No reports of plague… Surprisingly Britain can’t float.

Greatest Hits: Canadian Inventions — ‘Basketball
James Naismith credited a game he played as a child called “duck on a rock” as his inspiration for “Basket Ball”. Duck on a rock was played by throwing small rocks at a larger one, which was laid out on a tree stump or another stone, in an attempt to dislodge it or make it fall. One player tries to guard the large rock, and if the large stone is dislodged everyone scrambles to get their stones back… basically you line up a bunch of kids who then pitch stones at each other. In 19th century, rural Canada this was an exciting way to spend an afternoon. Not quite as exciting, however, as beating each other with sticks, which inevitably became hockey.


Next Week:

More News, A Movie, And Smiley Faces For Everyone

Crab meat, cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel with a big glass of milk… mmm.


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About Gabriel

I’ve lived in more than fifty places. I've been paid to pick stones out of fields, take backstage photos of Britney Spears, and report on Internet privacy issues. My photos have been published in several newspapers, and a couple of magazines.
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10 Responses to CSN:AFU Week 24 In Review

  1. Nita says:

    I always liked your fear the seeds blog. Like the name too…thats the blog I associate with you. Glad to hear you are reviving it.
    And thanks for all those nice things you’ve said… :) I hope I live up to them.

  2. feartheseeds says:

    I’ve always liked “fear the seeds” best as well… although a lot of people have taken it to mean that I’m “the seeds” and I’m telling them to fear me.

    I don’t think I’ll be posting any argumentative editorials on it anytime soon, but I do plan on making it interesting and funny.

  3. mahendrap says:

    Gabriel/FTS (I’m not sure what you prefer),

    Congratulations for the Intellectual Blogger Award!

    Don’t forget to use the award image and nominate others…this ‘gift from India’ is meant to be shared! :-)

  4. ames says:

    “Not quite as exciting, however, as beating each other with sticks, which inevitably became hockey. ”

    too funny…i should really know better than to eat while reading your blog…now excuse me while i go clean graham cracker crumbs out of my keyboard…

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  6. I think I’m responsible for the “manic depressive redheads” search term. I was curious if there’s been any studies done about how highly manic depression coincides with fire in the hole…because of the myth of redheaded temperament and because of other genetic idiosyncracies that exist, like the need for more painkillers in surgery and etc.

    My blog gets a lot of “can I give myself a blowjob?” and “naked man barcelona.”

    Sorry you feel that way about my posting a link from your blog to icarus. I’m new at that forum and thought it would be an interesting topic to debate there, since the community exists based on an opposing argument, and I found your post interesting and well-written though I don’t subscribe to your views. Of course, as you noted, no debate really got off the ground, and it ended up as mainly a friendly chat between me and an Argentine girl about nothing in particular.

    I am *that* person who discovers threads from 2 years ago and resurrects them, so it only makes sense that I resurrected your post and did something disagreeable to you with it.



  7. feartheseeds says:

    It’s not the debate itself, or you posting my thing to their thing, that’s disagreeable… it’s having to watch it from the sidelines. I really don’t mind at all having people tear into things I’ve written, just so long as I have a chance to explain what I was trying to say. On this site I usually write essays which stand alone, but on Salted no one post is it’s own universe…

    I’m pretty sure a couple of your “can I give myself a blowjob” came from one of my little brothers.

  8. Maybe I should meet your little brothers.

    Just. Kidding.

    Naw, I see your point. However, you know…it is a free forum. I respect your reluctance to join things, also it’s moot since there really was no discussion, and also since you’ve already got your own little community going, but there are discussions that get going over there that are nice, helpful and articulate, like this one.

    And also, after spending the last 48 hours on my couch without eating or showering or considering doing either of those or leaving the apartment, I wonder if you might not have a point on the other thing.

  9. Gabriel. says:

    Hey… I’m back. I’ve had a visitor for the past few days so I haven’t been able to respond until now.

    “Free forum” is generally code for “we need members as fast as possible to pad our numbers to make us look more inticing so Google will buy us.” You can see why a code is necessary. I don’t like joining things, even the free ones.

    If you’re around my Salted site, and you think I’ve made a point, feel free to comment. I’ll take a look at the discussion thread once I’ve had a couple of hours to recover… the next time I see my brothers I’ll send them over to your site. If you see a spike in activity around your “blowjob spam” post it’ll probably be them.

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