Scrum Time On The Hill

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That’s former Fisheries Minister and Liberal MP David Anderson being called out by a reporter during a post-Question Period scrum. There are two types of reporter on Parliament, the yellows and the blues. I was a blue. The yellows are the lifers, they never leave The Hill until it’s their time to die. The blues are the day-passers. I wanted to be a yellow, but I had enough blues to realize the yellows never had any fun. They wait around all day for a twenty minute game of gotcha, then home to the bottle. Or the trophy wife. Whatever.

Technical Stuff: This was the first year I had the Minolta. I was using flash, which is why the people in the foreground are so washed out while David and the reporter are just perfectly lit. The arm in the green jacket to the lower left belongs to the press secretary for then Industry Minister John Manley, who I was there to interview for something that probably seemed important enough to walk the three blocks…

I took every opportunity to get out of the office the paper I worked for rented. It was actually a decent sized cubicle with a good view of downtown Ottawa, and the people were mostly nice enough, but I hated being on the phone. The publisher really liked me so I got a lot of the leeway with stories the other reporters might have wanted if they had been paying attention. But they weren’t, so I got to cover Parliament Hill and they got to be on the phones.


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