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300mph Getaway Machine

. This is just further proof being a reporter is the coolest job in the universe. I took this shot at a press-only event at the National Capital Air Show, I could feel the heat from Les Shockley’s Shockwave Jet … Continue reading

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Preparing For The Oink Attack

. There are lots of stories about why and when cops started being referred to as “pigs”. My personal favourite comes from the 1960’s and how cops looked while wearing gas masks, but apparently the expression has been used for … Continue reading

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The Little Girl From Chernobyl

. In 1986 this kid was still in the womb while her mom was living and working near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Three years later Canadian families were taking in hundreds of kids who had been effected by the … Continue reading

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Portraits Of People Who Can Make Me Smile 001

. This is in the Kathedral, on Queen Street in Toronto. My friends had a punk band which played there about once a month. That’s Sam on the right, he was the lead singer and guitarist, and the girl with … Continue reading

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Scrum Time On The Hill

. That’s former Fisheries Minister and Liberal MP David Anderson being called out by a reporter during a post-Question Period scrum. There are two types of reporter on Parliament, the yellows and the blues. I was a blue. The yellows … Continue reading

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Almost Like Art | Warming Up For The Show

. I took this with my Big Boy Camera using film which needed to be processed in a machine which spat out a thin but long strip of plastic holding the colour images. It took a whole hour to get … Continue reading

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