Purple Veins

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I never really took a lot of nature shots when I was shooting with my real cameras. Any nature shot I did take always seemed forced, just another shot of a field or some mountains sixty miles away. Plus, for someone in my financial state, film was just too expensive to be wasting on photos I couldn’t show people… yeah, here’s thirty shots from the concert and oh, and here are some clouds.

Technical Stuff: There were no adjustments made to this photo, and that light is all natural. The flowers are about three feet off the ground which is why the ground is so out of focus… this is about as perfect a shot as I’ve ever taken not involving screaming people, police, beer, punks or screaming punk people throwing beer at the police.

Once I started using my digital camera, however, taking closeups of flowers just seemed natural. But now I don’t take a lot of architectural shots, and I haven’t been to a concert with my little digital yet but I’m pretty sure it’s going to suck donkey dong. It’s mostly a matter of lenses, of course, but there was a comfort level I had hiding behind my big Minolta and Pentax I can’t get with something that fits into my back pocket.


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About Gabriel

I’ve lived in more than fifty places. I've been paid to pick stones out of fields, take backstage photos of Britney Spears, and report on Internet privacy issues. My photos have been published in several newspapers, and a couple of magazines.
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