Blame The Children

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This is the logo for the Ottawa Senators, it’s laid out in a courtyard just outside the main doors to their arena. It’s basically a litmus test for what kind of fan you are. Are you the kind which can at least identify the simple tradition where you don’t walk on the logo, or is your brain soft like pudding? When the parents of these kids were kids they still shared their last name.

Technical Stuff: Not much technical to report. I was holding the camera. Taking photos of kids who don’t belong to you is very tricky. In Ontario it is legal to take photos of people in public spaces. Which includes kids. But being confronted by a parent who’s not quite into his child being turned into “art” is a distinct possibility… try and answer “why are you taking photos of my children” without sounding remotely like a paedophile. Quebec is a totally different story. Do no take photos in Quebec. Quebec’s Privacy Act make it pretty much illegal to be taking photos of kids, and if you want to publish your photo you have to get a release from everyone in it…

I was trying to get a shot of the logo, but the kids wouldn’t stop dancing on it. I was there to see game four of the 2006-2007 Stanley Cup playoffs. The Senators won the previous game but lost the night I was there taking a photo of these kids, 3-2, and would eventually lose the series four games to one. I don’t blame these kids for the Senators losing the Stanley Cup. Anymore. I’ve mostly moved past the whole incident.


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6 Responses to Blame The Children

  1. ames says:

    The Sens-Habs game yesterday was a wee bit painful. The Sens fan in our group decided we should watch Detroit-Pittsburg instead. Now that was an exciting hockey game.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Detroit’s going to repeat so I’m already in the “there’s always next year” phase. Now I just have to survive seven months of Denis and my grandfather walking around like proud parents.

    Have you picked a team yet? The Canucks would make sense…

  3. ames says:

    I was wondering if Bud called you during that game…

    I haven’t picked a team yet. I’m just happy watching hockey. I’m going to a Canucks game in the spring. If my schedule permits I might check out the Giants too. I have a soft spot for Calgary because Iginla is one of my favourites. But I actually have a Canucks t-shirt already. Would it be silly to base my choice on a t-shirt?

  4. ames says:

    whoa… i just posted to the past!

  5. Gabriel says:

    I fixed the time thing. I changed the time settings because of the fall ahead thing, but I don’t think you did. Minor league hockey is always a good time… I tried to get out to see the 67’s as often as I could. The Canucks have always had cool logos, basing your decision on their shirt seems as logical as anything else.

    I’ve banned my grandfather from calling me after games. But I can’t stop him from floating around like the Habs were a jet stream blowing up his leg. The Habs spent ten years sucking lemons through garden hoses, so I understand their fans are feeling good. But the season is only fifteen games done. Besides, the Detroit Red Wings are going to win Stanley this year.

    Which is going to just be sweet irony… this is the 100th season for the Habs, but the best coach and GM in their history is now working for Detroit. High. Larry. Us.

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