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Something Wickedly Overpriced This Way Comes

. I haven’t walked through the gates of my hometown summer fair since I was a kid… and, from what I remember, back then we mostly crawled through a hole in the fence separating the fair grounds from my friends … Continue reading

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Kneel Before Your God

. I read this joke a while back about how thousands of years ago cats were honoured as Gods, and they’re never forgotten this. Funny how cats are totally willing to overlook the many centuries in which they’ve been an … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From My Little Pussy

. My favourite Christmas moments are mostly a collection of memories of having fantastic sex with my girlfriend on my parents’ living room floor, couch, kitchen counter and staircase while my family were at mass on Christmas Eve. But those … Continue reading

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Self Portraits I Can Barely Tolerate 004

. This is the third or fourth time I’ve taken shots like this in their lab. Essentially, because there’s no swivel screen option on my little pocket digital, I take them blind. Being able to guess beforehand how a subject … Continue reading

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Blame The Children

. This is the logo for the Ottawa Senators, it’s laid out in a courtyard just outside the main doors to their arena. It’s basically a litmus test for what kind of fan you are. Are you the kind which … Continue reading

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