Something Wickedly Overpriced This Way Comes

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I haven’t walked through the gates of my hometown summer fair since I was a kid… and, from what I remember, back then we mostly crawled through a hole in the fence separating the fair grounds from my friends house. My fair avoidance is mostly because I don’t like crowds. But, seriously, the games are almost guaranteed to be rigged, the prizes were probably stolen from children in the last town the Carnies worked, the rides are a broken bolt away from having my hometown featured on CNN, and it’s just way too frigging expensive.


Technical Stuff: I had the exposure settings on my wee pocket digital set at +2, which, in a real camera, would mean the aperture was open to allow more light to the film. With a digital it basically means the tiny internal computer modified the brightness/contrast settings on the image with some rudimentary PhotoShop-type program. I was also resting the camera lens on a link of a chain-link fence because I didn’t have my tripod with me.


Admission to Canada’s Wonderland amusement park, plus a handful of ride tickets, is $35. Just to get on the grounds of Vankleek Hill’s fair this year cost $20 for the day. Thing is, even if you took the time to examine each cow, you could have seen the entire thing in under two hours… if you took each ride twice, walked with a limp, and ate a long lunch. The funniest part was the concert on the last night where the featured band forgot how to play AC/DC. Watching that would have been worth the price of admission, but we could hear them for free from my friends place where we were roasting marshmallows. The song is “As Wicked” by Rancid, from their 1995 classic ‘…And Out Come The Wolves.’.


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5 Responses to Something Wickedly Overpriced This Way Comes

  1. j says:

    20 bucks to look at cows, kids’ crafts and to find out who has the town’s biggest turnip…then more money for food, games, rides ?!? wow.

  2. j says:

    great photo you took of the first night. i hate fairs during the day, but at night i kinda find them pleasantly nostalgic.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Thanks J-Jen. The carnival at night is far more intimate, it allows you to be alone with the person you’re with surrounded by colour and the happy sounding games… and, of course, the bright lights allow for dark alleys where the carnies can stack the bodies.

    The pumpkin weighing is coming up at the Co-Op. Good times, baby. Good times.

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