Canada: How Global Warming Will Affect The National Hockey League

Stompin Tom Connors: Canadian

“The Hockey Song”; ‘Stompin’ Tom and the Hockey Song’ (1973)
Even Stompin’ Tom’s Taking For The Habs Now…


There Has Been A Tradition For Forty-Years…

…in Canada where we welcome the spring when the Maple Leafs are out. Every year since 1967 the Toronto Maple Leafs — of the National Hockey League — either fail to qualify or are out of the playoffs by mid-March or early April. This year the Leafs were out in April, a little later than some years but still worth the wait. Obviously, with Global Warming, the Leafs will be out much earlier in coming years. So next year expect the Maple Leafs to be out in February, in 2009 they’ll probably be out around Christmas… somewhere even the drowning polar bears are weeping for Leaf Fans.



If you find a broken link, or the YouTube stuff isn’t loading
properly, let me know and I’ll find an alternative…
I’m Canadian, it’s what we do. Off the ice.




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9 Responses to Canada: How Global Warming Will Affect The National Hockey League

  1. Queen Minx says:

    Senators 1 Penguins 0!!
    Humph! No need to watch the rematch on Saturday … I am sure you have something better to do!!

  2. Queen Minx says:

    Oh and … the video wouldn’t load … I will try again later.

  3. Ajay says:

    Global Warming is just a lie invented by the developed Western counties out of fear of counties like India rising to economic prominence. It is the lie that the western countries have created to keep India underdeveloped.

    See the truth yourself. Warn fellow Indians of what is really going on!

    This video will open your eyes to the “Great White Lie” of the 21st Century to keep the world’s underdeveloped nations permanently underdeveloped and permanently a source of cheep labour.

  4. Gabriel. says:

    I agree completely, the Toronto Maple Leafs are totally responsible for global warming and for keeping the South Central Asian population living (mostly) in poverty, and they’re definitely guilty of constantly going after the cheapest sources of labour to stock their team.

    For graphic video evidence of a Leaf falling shockingly early in the season you should look at this: the case of Belak v. McGrattan, from October of 2006.

  5. G’day

    I dig this blog.

    Thanks #1: for your lengthy comment on sex in canada; I really appreciate your knowledge on my censorship topic!

    I was supposed to be working on the blog with a partner, but that little idiot went on a world tour for a year. Now I’ve grown weary of trying to be a “journalist” and keeping up with news (partly her department). On the bright side I have a couple of friends who can contribute stories and things, which is nice.

    I would really, really like to publish your eloquent comment into a post, unedited, if you are willing. If you’re not, no hard feelings, I shall completely understand.

    Thanks #2 for the link love. How the heck did ya find me??


    p.s. I met Big Joe Mufferaw (of Stompin’ Tom’s “Big Joe Mufferaw”) last week at the internet cafe. Seriously. I showed him how to make an email account and send an email. He is apparently on the verge of re-emerging from the mists of Canadian lore, with a publicist and everything. We talked for 2 hours. He was very engaging, and 99% the Real Deal.

  6. Gabriel. says:

    Well hello Cheeks. I thought I found you through my link on your page, but now I’m not sure. You can do anything you wish with my comment on your fine blog, especially since you’ve used the “eloquent” word.

    Be careful of strange men calling themselves Big Joe Mufferaw, sometimes it’s just Paul Bunyan dressed in flannel trying to find semi-innocent Canadian girls he can dress up as Babe the Blue Ox and ride all the way back to America.

    You’ve got a great blog going on Cheeks. I’ve dropped your link into the new Culture section in my blogroll.

  7. Man, Stompin’ Tom was doing a Bubbles impression when Bubbles was still in freakin’ diapers. That’s pretty impressive.

  8. Gabriel. says:

    The best game you can name is the good ole hockey game… I think Bubbles’ mom and dad were just getting into the backseat when Stompin’ Tom wrote this.

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