Canadian Movies You Need To See That Don’t Suck — FUBAR

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A Non-Sucking Canadian Movie You Need To See…


FUBAR (Comedy — 2002)…
a movie aboot mullets, beer, heavy metal, Canadians and a cancerous right nut.


Fuckin’ eh, just give’r boys… holy good keerist did I have a mullet back in the day. Long in the back? Four inches past the shoulder blades. Short in the front? Right up to the hair-line. Black jeans, thick clunky white running shoes, a Guns n’ Roses Tour shirt and a bulky army surplus jacket in which I could hide ten bottles of beer. That was my uniform back in the mid to late 1980’s.

Every weekend was a 14-hour Risk marathon where you brought your own two-four and everybody pitched in for a couple ounces of weed or maybe a few chunks of hash. Halfway through the weekend we’d make a drunken midnight border run into Quebec for more beer and munchies using the country backroads in my friends busted station wagon.

Sometimes ten of us stuffed into the wagon bouncing around and hitting the ceiling as we skipped from one pothole to the next then to the next and then that one and that huge one just near the blind switchback curve that never made any sense at all — how fucking drunk were those road builders anyway? Aboot as drunk as us.

Always the same jokes then back to the farm house where we’d call our friend the Big Shot Montreal Radio DJ and request Blue Oyster Cult or Led Zeppelin or Big Country and get a charge when he’d mention our names over the stereo with the oversized speakers.

Then it’d be time to take out the guns and start doing some midnight barn hunting. Shotguns, rifles,pistols, a sawed off 410 shotgun with a two foot-long muzzle flash, a .375, a 10 and two 12 Gauge shotguns… line up the empties and give’r. Sometimes we’d take the tractors — a little Massey, a big John Deere and a tiny John Deere riding mower — and tear around in the fields.

A few nights we even took them out onto the highway for some tractor-on-tractor drag racing. Usually by the end of these constantly consistent weekends we were drinking Coke mixed with Folgers coffee crystals and scrounging in the freezers and cupboards for tins of beans in tomato sauce or smoked kippers, scraping the coffee table for the last ghost remnants of hash or going back into the ashtrays looking for roaches. I was a teenage headbanger, a hoser and I did my best to give’r every weekend.

Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition… FUBAR the movie was filmed in and around Calgary, Alberta and cost aboot as much as the filmmakers could get out of their VISA accounts and maybe whatever mom and dad would kick in… like the occasional meal or floor to sleep on.

FUBAR debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in the ‘Park City at Midnight’ category to rave reviews. The Hollywood Reporter called FUBAR “One of the top 10 movies to watch” and The National Post proclaimed it “An overnight cult classic”.

There are these two headbanging hosers with giant mullets who grew up together. They’re best friends. They shotgun beer together, they’ve got a band and this third guy show up and wants to make a documentary aboot “the average man”. So they agree and everyone becomes famous. It’s actually aboot these two comedians who came up with “hoser characters” based on people they knew “back in the day”.

It’s amockumentary‘ that people on the street mistake for a real documentary, at which point they then react in bizarre and funny ways. Sound familiar? Sound like maybe some British dude’s movie aboot America and Kazakhstan? Of course both are riffs on Spinal Tap… but still.

The reactions from the people who the filmmakers find along the way are hilarious and disturbing. There’s also a cancerous right ball and a totally unexpected and weird death scene with a bizarre wake and funeral.

FUBAR definitely does not suck, it’s soundtrack includes AC/DC, Iron Maiden, The New Pornographers and SUM 41, and it’s definitely worth seeing if only to get a glimpse into the wacked and wacky world of the Canadian headbanger. But also if you want to piss youself laughing… at people like the teenaged me. Which, really, when I think aboot it, probably isn’t that cool for you to be doing. Fuck you’re an asshole. FUBAR’s also a really good tutorial on how to properly shotgun a beer. Wanna shoot a couple with me? See? I can only stay mad for so long. Beer makes friends.


FUBAR: Canadian Movie

FUBAR Trailer (2002)
Directed by Michael Dowse
Starring David Lawrence (Terry) and Paul Spence (Dean)



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5 Responses to Canadian Movies You Need To See That Don’t Suck — FUBAR

  1. “If you find a broken link, or the YouTube stuff isn’t loading
    properly, let me know and I’ll find an alternative…
    I’m Canadian, it’s what we do. Off the ice.”

    i think that’s my favorite Canadian line EVER.

    And i soooo didn’t even know this movie existed. i am now compelled to check this flick out.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Mulletheads of the world unite!

    I’m not sure why the people behind the movie haven’t found a way to distribute the movie over the web, their “official site” has a whole lotta “coming soons” and very few downloads… although you can view the movie trailers. It’d be nice if independant Canadian movie producers would get their shit together and use the web as a distribution tool rather than the way they currently use it which seems to be all aboot keeping their movies as obscure as humanly possible.

    FUBAR is available at Amazon, CD Universe and Chapters (there, I just did more to promote this movie than its producers have in five years. Where’s my 15%?).

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  4. Diane says:

    I have not seen it though it sounds like something worth renting…..will have to make a weekend of it since Fubar 2 is soon coming out. Thank you for showing me this. X

  5. Marijuana is better for you than you think.

    [Gabriel: Hi MD, I’m not sure if you’re spam or not… but you screwed up your URL just enough that I’m pretty sure you are a real person, and were stoned. So I fixed it, and I’ll leave it there.]

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