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August is time for the Vankleek Hill Fairomantics

. The Fair is in town. It’s ‘the’ social event of of the year for Vankleek Hill’s ‘tween crowd. From sunset until their 11pm curfew it’s their one chance to be all together in one spot after dark. Pretty much … Continue reading

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Little Victor Sunday Update | Zucchini and the Beeping thing

. I’m not sure what Victor will be interested in when he’s a little older. My grandfather asked me this week what sports my girlfriend and I will enroll Victor in, I really didn’t have an answer, and when I … Continue reading

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In a moment of dark irony armed robbers and a broken down bus full of Liberals cross paths near Vankleek Hill

On Monday morning, July 12, around 10am, two armed men walked into the Proxim Pharmacy on Main Street, Vankleek Hill, and demanded prescription painkillers. The pharmacy was full of customers, but no one was physically hurt. The two brainiacs left … Continue reading

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Heat wave bakes Vankleek Hill but Champlain Township says “no” to ‘cooling stations’ despite request from EO Health Unit

People living in Champlain Township and Hawkesbury are being left to find ways to beat the extreme heat on their own. Due to an ongoing heat wave the Eastern Ontario Health Unit has requested local municipalities make “cooling stations” available … Continue reading

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Once hailed as a hero Hawkesbury OPP officer charged with assault

A Hawkesbury OPP officer is facing an assault charge stemming from a March 20 incident, according to the Ontario Special Investigations Unit. The Special Investigations Unit is the civilian agency responsible for “investigating circumstances involving police and civilians that have … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day and may your BBQ be Black Fly free

. Since I moved back to Vankleek Hill my Canada Day celebrations have mostly taken place on my second-floor balcony, from which I can see the fireworks burst over the tops of my neighbours trees. We’ve had the occasional BBQ … Continue reading

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