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Canadian Movies You Need To See That Don’t Suck — Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal (Animated — 1981) a movie aboot a green orb of ultimate evil with the coolest soundtrack ever. Heavy Metal Trailer (1981) Directed by Jimmy T. Murakami, Gerald Potterton Starring John Candy, Harold Ramis, Al Waxman, Eugene Levy, and … Continue reading

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CSN:AFU Week 16 In Review

Joni Mitchell: Canadian “Born To Take The Highway“; unreleased: performance (1965); lyrics published ‘Gandalf Publishing Company’ (1966) a request from absolut.folly… let it play, some dude talks for a minute. This is from when Joni was still “Anderson”. . CSN:AFU Week … Continue reading

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All Aboot The Three Era’s Of Canadian Music: Young; Naked, and; Swollen Members

Le Volume Etait Au Maximum: Canadian “les teenage gluesniffers”; ‘Radio Maximum‘ (2005) . The Problem: When you’re a country of 33,000,000 people living beside a country ten times larger who also happens to be the world’s unparalleled cultural powerhouse, your … Continue reading

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The First Five Things You Need To Know Aboot Canadian Politics

Five Essential Facts Aboot Canadian Politics: 01) Hockey, Religion & State: The biggest difference between Canadian and American politics is Canada does not have a cheerleader culture. There’s a clear separation between Hockey, Religion and State in Canada whereas in … Continue reading

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