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Victor takes his first walk

. At the tender age of seventeen months, my son has started to walk. He has taken short steps before, about a month ago he taught himself how to appear to be walking while actually falling to the floor with … Continue reading

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Little Victor Update | Victori spolia

. For a lot of reasons this is the first update on my son in almost two months. Mostly the lack of updates is because I’ve been spending more time with Victor, which means less time for writing… or sleeping, … Continue reading

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Little Victor Update | The zombie, the Joker and the CAS case worker

. Victor will be eleven months old in a few days. People have been asking if he can crawl yet, he can’t… at least not when he’s awake. I caught him doing push-ups in his sleep last week, he was … Continue reading

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Azrael and Papa Smurf smurfing in the smurf but this time it’s to the smurf

. I may have been eleven-years old when I first asked myself about Smurfette’s role in the Smurf Village, I still don’t really know the answer. So I just checked her Wiki page, and it turns out the dude Smurfs … Continue reading

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August is time for the Vankleek Hill Fairomantics

. The Fair is in town. It’s ‘the’ social event of of the year for Vankleek Hill’s ‘tween crowd. From sunset until their 11pm curfew it’s their one chance to be all together in one spot after dark. Pretty much … Continue reading

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Little Victor Update | Big brother Andrew the Adventurer

. Victor and I hardly saw each other this past week. He spent his nights with his mother, and his days and afternoons with his grandmother. I’m sure they treated him great, but it’s going to make for a pretty … Continue reading

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