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The Night Hate Came To A Vankleek Hill Theatre

“Dem free-niggers f’um de N’of am sho’ crazy.” — dialogue card from “The Birth Of A Nation” (1915), “Part 2: Reconstruction” “The result: The Klu Klux Klan, the organization that saved the South from the anarchy of black rule, but … Continue reading

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Once A Year Vankleek Hill Becomes A Hoarders Paradise

My girlfriend and I, along with some of her friends, and our baby set up shop on my parents porch to sell stuff during Vankleek Hill’s 11th annual “Trash & Treasure Day” on Saturday. Most of the offers we received … Continue reading

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Hi There, My Name Is…

My name is Gabriel Landriault. Admitting this is kind of a big deal, at least to me, because I’ve been blogging anonymously for almost five years. Not including the six years I pretended my four Geocities accounts didn’t exist, I … Continue reading

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Saving Newspapers From Their Slow Suicide

Fifteen years ago no one in news reporting knew what to do with the Internet. The general consensus of analysts was newspapers should put their content online, but the only way to make money was to offer it a paid … Continue reading

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Canadian Inventions — Insulin

Until 1922 diabetes was treated through starvation diets and exercise. Right up until January 22, 1922, having diabetes ruthlessly and inevitably meant blindness, renal failure, heart attacks, strokes, leg amputations and/or a reduced life expectancy. But on January 23, 1922, … Continue reading

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Canadian Inventions — Pablum

K-OS: Canadian “The Seekwell”; ‘Atlantis‘ (2006) Your first act of youthful anarchic aggression was taking a bowl of this stuff and dumping it on your head, in your mom’s lap, throwing it across the room, spitting it into your fathers … Continue reading

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